#08 The Yardbirds

I’ll be honest, despite my collection of skinny jeans, check shirts and over sized sunglasses, I’m not much of an Indie music fan. I’m not sure what you class as Indie, I’m not entirely sure I do either… It’s kind of just another one of those aesthetically pleasing yet rather ambiguous terms used describe specific current musical trends that ends up becoming its own pop genre… Like Punk! What was that all about?

I guess when I think of modern day Indie music, I’m thinking of stuff like the Strokes, the Libertines, Bloc Party, Editors perhaps, maybe even stuff like the Killers. Bands that are just alternative enough to be hip, but break through into the mainstream enough to be socially acceptable to the rest of the world.

Well, I have the first two Strokes albums and I really have no idea why… Anyone want two free albums?

Anyway, I think modern day Indie music is thoroughly letting down the ‘alternative’ scene! Kids these days still look pretty cool, but when bands start giving themselves names like Scouting for Girls, surely that’s a sign of bad times…

Maybe you don’t associate Indie music with the 60’s, but let me suggest that my third band in the series, the Yardbirds, are the best Indie band of any decade.

The Yardbirds were slick, stylish, well dressed, very capable and innovative. They put out some of the trashiest Rock ‘N’ Roll covers as well as their own brilliant brand of psyche pop and I absolutely love them!

So it turns out that I don’t really know a lot about the Yardbirds, they seem to be a little bit forgotten since their heyday and I think I’ve just used a lot of words to not really say very much… I think I can say however, that the Yardbirds are a band for people who like music, who like the look the sound and the feel of music. They played their songs with an appreciation of the past and a respect for the future. They didn’t really seem to have any agenda, no hidden motive for making music other than for the pure joy and the thrill of it. I don’t really think they ever properly pushed through into the mainstream of things, but they were compelling enough and significant enough to catch the attention of 60’s British hipsters! Also, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all played a part in forming that distinct garage rock sound! I bet you never knew that! Thank the Yardbirds for Led Zep!