#07 The Knife

If you don’t already know, I have quite a fascination with two man bands, 5 of my top ten favorite bands are duos! It’s like my fascination with the colour red. It happened upon me purely through coincidence, and has now become an intrinsic part of my personality. Any band that consists of less than three people but is more than one person will instantly attract my attention. I have come across only one that I dislike! But a band with one boy and one girl was never really going to work when the drummer is the boy and the guitarist is the girl, what were they thinking? And such a stupid name too…

Nevertheless, there are many two man bands out there that I have a lot of appreciation for, and most of them are boy/girl duos too. None of these bands will be part of this blog series, but if you find the time you should probably pay some attention to Joy Zipper, Fiery Furnaces, Crystal Castles, Royksopp and Air and sharpenedknife.com!

The Knife however are a band that I just have to mention. They are one of the weirdest musical partnerships I have ever come across and not least because they actually are brother and sister, unlike a certain other band who just lied about being siblings… They have produced some of the most incredible music I have ever heard! And there isn’t actually another band I can think of that I would consider to be better than the Knife. I guess I don’t really know a lot about them as a band, they are Swedish, they wear crazy masks and they have a song called lasagne. But that’s all boring stuff really, compared to the incredible sound they create; beautiful layered patterns of hypnotic repetition that create an exotic blend of abstract electronica that will sink to the depths of your audible capabilities. The Knife are master manipulators of synthetic sounds, creating the most carefully considered compositions I’ve ever heard. Their sound is meticulous, logical and almost mathematical, like you are listening to an equation being solved. It is not music that happened by chance. There isn’t a lot in life that satisfies so deeply, the Knife are one of the finest products of common grace and I would suggest that you should immerse and indulge yourselves in their sonic sound-scapes.

I’ve run out of words… Hope you enjoy the video!