#04 The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

In 2003 four bands released four albums. They are some of the first records to enter my collection and are the 4 greatest influences on my musical preferences and appreciations. These four bands and their respective albums all share equal amounts of similarities and differences, all are equally contrasting and complimentary. They all retain the qualities that I crave whatever I listen to, but they all express these in very different ways. My hugely eclectic taste in music can be narrowed down and defined between these four albums alone, they form the basis for everything I appreciate about the rest of the music I listen to.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs then, are the first of the four bands, Fever To Tell the record they released.
I love this record in particular, because, to myself at least, the music sounds like how the cover art looks. It is a pop art/pop music masterpiece, being both controlled chaos and distorted harmony. This contrast I think, is wonderfully summed up between the first few tracks. Rich, the opener eases you in with its sugary sweet, mega catchy riffs that get stuck in your head and rest there so easily, so pleasantly. Then all of a sudden your are hit with the slightly awkward, grinding distortion of Date With The Night. It shouts and screams and breaks through your concentration, grabs hold of your attention and keeps tight hold until it’s done with you.
And so the record goes on, beautiful hooking riffs on fuzzy squealing guitars, machine gun drumming and screeching banshee vocals.
This is one of the best pop records I own, when I first got it I couldn’t listen to anything else for weeks. Every track in some way sounds the same, but different. As you listen to it, it constantly moves you about. Full of chops and changes there is not a dull moment, not a single chance to get bored.
The second record, Show Your Bones (apparently written about a cat…) and the third, It’s Blitz! are stylistically quite different to how they started out. With acoustic guitars, keyboards, softer singing, slicker production and even bass being added to the mix. But the YYYs songs are all written the same way and all do the same thing. Listening to this band is a bit like eating cake. It’s so easy to do and so instantly satisfying and moreish. That’s What good pop music is.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs effortlessly continue to produce some of my favourite pop melodies and their songs carry on sinking their hooks into my brain. And their approach to music has greatly influenced my own.

Here is a song I love!