I like women

Today is International Women’s Day! I quite like women, and a lot of the music I listen to is made by women. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you the wonders of one of my favourite bands at the minute, Tennis, fronted by the curly haired Alaina Moore, a woman.
In my opinion, the best modern bands out there are the ones who have copied the old styles. Who have boldy shamelessly tried to sound like their hero’s and manage to pull it off. Essentially, who have good taste! Take the White Stripes for instance, they loved Led Zep and ended up sounding quite a lot like Led Zep. The Black Keys early records sound a lot like Hendrix. And the Raveonettes sound like a combination of every 50’s Rock ‘N’ Roll band that ever there were. But thus is the nature of true creativity. Everyone needs to be influenced by something, and if your influences are good, the fuel for your inspiration is good, and your own creativity will flourish much more fully. And it does, all three of the aforementioned bands have produced some of the most interesting and individual sounding music I’ve ever heard.
Tennis are such a band. Harbouring the surf pop and garage rock sounds of the 60’s, and taking cues from the great soul legends, they are a group that have learned well. Tennis have great taste, and that comes through in the progression of their own unique creativity.

I love Tennis (I almost saw them live once)! I’m hooked on their jangly guitar noises, their bright chiming keyboard notes and happy upbeat drumming and Alaina’s soft, smooth and warming female vocal. Their songs are all so short, I don’t think any of them on either of their two albums have reached four minutes long yet, but that’s part of their brilliance. As a compliment to their lyrical content, they manage to draw you instantly. And for the two or three minutes of the song, you find yourself caught up in the midst of one of their sailing adventures. You are taken away into a special little place for a special little minute. A place that is bright and shiny, shimmering, and full of deep soulful echos. It’s a lovely and satisfying place to be.

Enjoy this, I do!

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