Bands #01 The White Stripes

I like an awful lot of music. I like everything from classical to Jazz, from blues to hip hop, from indie to electronica. I can casually graze through the related artists list on Spotify and find 10 news bands in a few minutes that I could quite happily enjoy listening to regularly. I am just a ravenous consumer of popular music, ready to devour anything new or interesting or strange, anything that can catch my attention is worth a listen.
And most bands are good bands! They can play well, sing in tune and gather enough about themselves to put out an album or two. Most of them are worth at least giving a try. But after a while most of them do just fade away into a state of pointless ambiguity. Uncared for and unloved, forgotten forever. The Von Bondies who? Sometimes though, the sands of time begin to shift, to spread apart, to make way for a new permanent fixture. Sometimes you hear a sound that you will never forget!

Ever since the first time I heard that almighty combination of Meg on thunder drums and Jack on lightening guitar surge through my TV speakers, I’ve been a changed man. Forever bound to give myself over, time and again, to the insatiable desire I now have, the craving, the longing, the lusting after the electrifying thrill of listening to the White Stripes.

As the late great John Peel said, they are as important a group as Jimi Hendrix and the Sex Pistols. The White Stripes are a band made of the same divine qualities as the great pioneers of Rock ‘N’ Roll. They are to be revered alongside such musical deities as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, the Rolling Stone, the Doors, Nirvana, Elvis etc…

I lie on my bed, I have a cup of hot black coffee and my stereo is turned up. The milliseconds before the next track are an excruciating tension of desperation and delight. One song has ended and immediately I’m longing for more. It’s incredible how much suspense can build inside me in such a short period. But my CD still works, despite the amount of times I’ve played it. And suddenly, in an instant, my body is released from its anxious anticipation and my soul sinks once again in oblivion as the notes of the next song palpitate through my twin sub speakers gently vibrating every piece of furniture in my room.
Listening to the White Stripes is the most self indulgent thing I can do. In choosing to listen to them I choose to neglect everything that isn’t listening to them. Nothing else in the world matters.
Still lying down, eyes closed, mind relaxing and I continue to sink further into the deep satisfaction of my audio inebriation.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you probably understand that I enjoy music. You yourself probably enjoy music too. But I lack the ability to articulate fully the depth of my affections for the White Stripes. It’s silly, I know. I don’t care. I can’t even explain why really. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why I should like them more than any other band. But I do. And how I do… I’m in love with a band…

Here are some WS songs you’ve never heard before! Enjoy!