Just a quick post to get this song some instant attention. The Kills manage to do this every so often. They record a version of a song that just melts you in the middle, causing inarticulate instantaneous expressions of joy “Hjkdshjshfds. No words for this. Only groans of pleasure. Incredible.” I imagine there are a lot of people who probably wont like this, but I know I few out there for whom this song will bring an infinite amount of sheer delight!
Considering the majesty of the original, especially in the context of the album it was recorded on as a whole, the Kills manage to interpret Fleetwood Mac’s songs ‘Dreams’ in a way I never could have imagined. It’s a re-envisioning of a classic.
The album Rumours on which it was released was an artistic masterpiece, but the music and the words were almost separate entities, the beautiful music a smoke screen to hide the lyrical knife fight happening behind it.
Who knows exactly what they were trying to achieve, probably not much more than a stylised expression of appreciation; an alternative tribute from a seemingly unlikely source. But the rigid, mechanical structure of hard, brash and sometimes awkward tones, typical of the Kills’ natural style, seems to fit very well with the underlying sentiment of the original song. Subtly building up tension, slowly letting it down again, almost aggressive, almost angry. Not quite enough to be a full musical display of emotion, but just enough to let you know how everyone feels, behind the scenes. Such a fantastic sound, I love this oh so much!